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"experience music"                                                                                                   

Audioplan is an award winning ‘high end’ audio manufacturer, based in Germany which already enjoys an enviable international reputation spanning over 30 years for their exceptional audio products. Audioplan is renowned for their outstanding audio engineering matched with peerless product finish quality.
The product range includes loudspeakers, interconnect cables, loudspeaker cables and multiple power products including mains leads, mains power and component filters, distribution blocks and support accessories.

In their quest for audio nirvana, the Audioplan aim has always been simple to create audio equipment that allows you to truly "experience music".

Audioplan products are categoriesed into three sections:

1   Loudspeaker
2.  Cables & Interconnects
3.  Power System: Power cables & filters etc. 




The Konzert III is the Audioplan Flagship speaker. It is a 2 1/2-way loudspeaker that combines the volume reserves and deep bass of a multiple driver system with the musicality and presence of a very good 2-way system. Numerous innovations such as RNS (Resonance Nulling System), the concept of the infinite virtual baffle or the complexly decoupled tweeter, serve one goal only: long-term listening pleasure with the highest level of audio perfection. This is a floor-standing loudspeaker with asymmetrically reinforced sandwich enclosure for optimum suppression of box resonance. Moulded, partially from the fully milled baffle for phase compensation and the best radiation characteristics.

The Tweeter and corresponding crossover are mechanically decoupled from the main enclosure. A star-shaped perforated fleece prevents early reflections from the baffle. The tweeter enclosure is held in the back by a 10 mm thick aluminium star. The RNS system positions two identical drivers opposite one another so that only pressure fluctuations are conducted into the enclosure. The back driver with its pressure wave also presents a virtual infinite baffle to the front driver, which is thereby given optimal operating conditions.

Design:                                2 1/2-way bass reflex
Terminals:                           Single-wiring, bi-wiring, bi-amping
Frequency range:                 -3 dB at 30 Hz and 20 kHz, based on 1 kHz
Efficiency:                            89 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Power Rating:                      100 W
Peak load:                           Over 300 W, depending on the stability of the amplifier
Rated impedance:                4 Ohm with single-amping, 8 Ohm for 2-way system with separate bass amplifier with bi-amping
Dimensions (WxHxD):           270 x 1180 x 515 mm
Weight:                                68 kg each



The Kontrast is a 2-way bass reflex system with a separate, mechanically decoupled enclosure for woofer-midrange and tweeter. Separate crossovers for the two drivers, cast to prevent microphonics. The high frequency crossover is placed in the tweeter enclosure and therefore optimally isolated from vibrations from the woofer. All components are of the highest quality and some have been especially produced for the Kontrast V. The enclosure is insulated with form-stamped wool felt plates that form an acoustic labyrinth. This provides optimal damping of the midrange with the least amount of damping material and practically undamped transfer of the bass energy to the reflex aperture.

Frequency range:         -3 DB at 35 Hz and 21 kHz relative to 1 kHz
Efficiency:                    86 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Power Rating:               100 W
Peak load:                   Over 300 W, depending on the stability of the amplifier
Rated impedance:        8 ohms (between 150 Hz and 20 KHz max. Phase rotation of + / - 15 degrees)
Dimensions (WxHxD):   210 x 990 x 310 mm
Weight:                        33 kg each  



The Kantatas is a two toned compact speaker for easy integration into the living room or free-standing placement. The Kantatas sit on an acoustically tuned aluminium pedestal stands, which is colour matched to the speaker (see colour options). The 2-way bass reflex system with long-throw, bass-midrange chassis. This provides large reserves at low frequencies. Construction comprises a driver with a membrane of woven and bonded synthetic fibers with an optimal ratio of mass, stiffness and damping.

Tweeter with low resonance, coated fabric dome with optimized suspension for minimal loss. A reinforced enclosure of 19 mm HDF with newly developed WRC system for controlling and diverting vibration energy of the bass-midrange system. WRC thus provides a clearer, more dynamic sound with enhanced fine resolution. Crossover with minimal losses, matched to components of the highest quality such as film-foil capacitors and coils with copper cross-sections up to 3 mm2. The labyrinth-like damping of the enclosure with press-formed panels of wool felt ensures undamped transfer of bass energy to reflex port for optimal damping of the midrange. The speaker is coupled to the pedestal stand and floor with Audioplan AntiSpikes.

Technical Details for the Kantata
The Kantata is a two-tone enclosure enamel/enamel or veneer/enamel finish, serially equipped with Audioplan AntiSpikes. Single-wiring terminal for cable lugs or banana plugs. Optionally available matching pedestals, painted in the color of the rear part of the enclosure. A driver cover is available in black. Planned color combinations (still indefinite at the time of printing): Front part: High-gloss white or black, precious wood light, honey, bordeaux or chocolate; Rear part: Enamel silver, enamel Nextel gray, enamel sand; Pedestals: Enamel silver, enamel Nextel gray, enamel sand. Front and rear parts can be combined.
A clearer, more dynamic sound with enhanced fine resolution!


Design:                        2-way bass reflex
Terminals:                    Single-wiring
Frequency range:          -3 dB at 50 Hz and 22 kHz, based on 1 kHz
Efficiency:                     86 dB (1 W/1 m)
Rated load:                  90 W
Peak load:                    Over 150 W, depending on the stability of the amplifier
Rated impedance:         8 Ohm (between 150 Hz and 20 kHz max. phase rotation +15 / -22 degrees)
Dimensions (WxHxD):    185 x 345 x 380 mm (with AntiSpikes)
Pedestal dimensions:     Floor space 300 x 380 mm, height 635 mm (with AntiSpikes)
Weight:                         10.5 kg / speaker, 4 kg / pedestals 


This speaker is the realisation of the point source ideal using the highest quality of components including Audioplan’s own MusiCable LS6 internal wiring, AntiSpike coupling to the monitor to the sand-filled pedestals, AntiSpike feet are included in the package. The construction also features decoupled tweeters in a separate internal enclosure, moulded crossover protected against vibrations, monitor wall thickness up to 65 mm and an interior insulated using an acoustic labyrinth.


Design:                       2-way bass reflex
Frequency range:         -3 dB at 58 Hz and 22 kHz, based on 1 kHz
Efficiency:                    85 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Power Rating:              60 W
Peak load:                   Over 150 W, depending on the stability of the amplifier
Rated impedance:        6 Ohm at lowest phase rotation
Dimensions (WxHxD):   Speaker: 16 x 35 x 26 cm
Pedestal:                     26 x 60 x 26 cm
Weight:                        9.4 kg / speaker
Pedestal:                     9 kg (With sand filling: approx. 20 kg)


Interconnects & Loudspeaker Cables

Audioplan has over 30 years of experience in cable development and the insights that come from this experience have been brought to bear in all the current offering of cables. Audioplan have pioneered the advanced development of the CRC (Conductor Resonance Control) technology is the essential factor which has substantially contributed to the improved sound and utterly natural music reproduction in these cables.  Its mechanical and electrical properties are perfectly matched to the inner design and thereby contribute to the outstanding sonic results.

Audioplan offers the following interconnects and loudspeaker cables:


Super Interconnect - SIC 9A

Ultimate Inteconnect -UIC 88A


Loudspeaker Cables

Loudspeaker Cable - LS4

Loudspeaker Cable - LS6

Super Loudspeaker Cable - SLS 9A

Ultimate Loudspeaker Cable - ULS 88A



PowerStar S

The PowerStar is a highly advanced, unique and patented mains power distribution unit with 7 high grade UK mains outlets. The design of the PowerStar minimizes the differences emanating from the plug position of components called equalizing currents, which flow through the audio frequency lines to compensate for dynamic potential differences from the power mains. The PowerStar removes these differences and establishes a direct reference to the main component in the system, the preamp or the power amp.

This represents a decisive advantage in comparison to all conventional power distribution units. The conductor star of the PowerStar S 2 is therefore soldered with pure silver and then silver-plated which reduces the number of connection points to three per outlet: power plug to cable, cable to conductor star and conductor star to outlet - giving your audio system a noticeable difference in transparency, delicacy, resolution and transient response.   The PowerStar s is additionally fitted with Antispike component feet to provide maximum protection for acoustic vibration and give regulated damping to this unique product.


Supply voltage:                 240 V AC
Power rating:                   16 A
Output:                            7 UK sockets, binding post for ground-connection
Internal Wiring:                 Silver plated pure copper conductors with 3mm2
Enclosure:                        Resin and 3 mm thick aluminium bolted together with 6 posts made from AntiSpikes
Feet:                                Additional AntiSpike bottom plate and AntiSpike component feet.
Cable:                              PowerCord S 1.5 m, other lengths on order
Size:                                Diameter 22 cm, height 11 cm (incl. feet)
Weight:                            2 kg without exterior cable, 2.4 kg including 1.5 m cable 

FineFilter S

The FineFilter is a primary filter and is a highly resistant, universally applicable collective filter for audio and video systems with such low impendence, that even the largest power amps can be accommodated without any loss of dynamics. This is achieved utilising the highest quality components, manual wiring, and customising some of the components. The built-in safety reserve is to very high audiophile standards. The components of the FineFilter S can therefore withstand continuous current of 25 amps. This ensures that even the most extreme current peaks can flow without being limited by the filter. It also ensures the filter itself does not generate any interference due to saturation or overload effects (giving long-term stability). The filter is used to filter out audio interference, which would otherwise reach the system through the power mains and as such, it represents a vital component in the Audioplan CleanPower system.  


Supply voltage:                           240 V
Power rating:                             10 A continuous, 16 A 40% ED
Over voltage protection:              Yes
Filter characteristics:                   3, switchable
Ground filter:                             Yes, switchable
Design:                                      Hand-wired, molded against microphonics
Enclosure:                                  5 mm cast aluminum
Supply:                                      0.85 m PowerCord S -  other lengths upon request

Power Plant 100S

The PowerPlant 100S is a secondary filter (to be used after FineFilter S) to decouple components from the mains and to prevent them from emitting RF interference into the power line as well as to protect them from power interference. The unique design incorporates multiple nested windings, numerous layers of shielding and a specially made and tuned filter components to provide filtration and high levels of ‘reverse damping’.
The PowerPlant S is extremely effective with a wide range of AV components, including digital products such as CD Players, DACs, DVDs. It can also be utilised very effectively with Phono preamplifiers and Tuners.


Supply voltage:           240 V
Power rating:              100 VA continuous
Overload protection:  Thermal
Filter:                           6-level nesting
Output:                        Floating, zero direct current
Design:                        Hand-wired, molded against microphonics
Enclosure:                   5 mm cast aluminum
Supply:                        0.85 m PowerCord S - other lengths upon request







PowerCord S

PowerCord S

The PowerCord is the reference mains-cable with silver plated conductors in symmetric construction with four leads instead of the usual three. The fourth lead is a second ground conductor placed opposite the first creating a quasi-symmetric arrangement. The PowerCord uses high-purity, heavy silver-plated copper litz wires with increased conductivity. The individual conductors are isolated with materials with low loss and accumulation properties. This unique design ensures low emission, high resistance to interference and the best possible dynamic characteristics for the conductor (and avoids the loss of dynamics due to eddy currents and dielectric effects so often found in inferior cables). Acoustic damping against microphony is provided inside the conductors of this cable through the use of Sicomin. This prevents acoustical vibrations becoming electrical noise due to induction effects.

PowerCord Ultimate (U)

The PowerCord Ultimate represents the pinnacle of Audioplan's tecnology and brings 30 yeard of design and expertise to the fore.

The PowerCord Ultimate incorporates advanced nesting techniques which optimises high frequency filtering. The PowerCord Ultimate also uses Audioplan CDC and CRC technology, incorporating sound- optimized dielectrics, as well as a tuned, external damping braid for the cable

"The effect of PowerCord Ultimate is quite astounding. The Ultimate creates a full bodied and spatial presentation to the sound with an airy upper register and deep textured bass."


Power Supply:                  240 V
Load Capacity:                 25 A
Internal construction:     8 x1.25 mm & 1 x 5.0 mm
Attenuation:                     Sicomin damping, CRC and CDC technology
Mains Connection:          Furutech Rhodium UK Plug (Schuko available on request)
IEC connection:               ALT NewCableStudio IEC
Cable Length:                  1.5m - other lengths available upon request