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Products overview

The Audiomat range of products includes: Amplifiers - Integrated, Pre, Power & Phono, CD Transport and DACs. All are made to Audiomat exacting standards of construction, finish and sonic quality.

Audiomat was founded by the Clarisse brothers in 1986. Since then Audiomat has gained an enviable reputation among music lovers, audiophiles and the audio press alike, for products of outstanding sonic achievement, including the highly acclaimed Aria Amplifier.

The Aria is the latest addition to the Audiomat line of high end amplifiers and combines many of the technical characteristics of the larger Opéra, with the excellent price/performance ratio of the smaller Arpège.


As with all Audiomat products, the Aria is carefully hand crafted in the Audiomat facility in Southern France. The metal chassis and the acrylic front plate are shared with it’s smaller brother, the Arpege, while the power supply with its high-quality capacitors and transformers are the same as those used in the larger, and more expensive, Opéra. Even the output tubes and the power supply circuitry are the same, only the smoothing capacitors differ slightly. The input stage is similar to that of Arpège and gives the Aria its sonic signature.

The Audiomat Aria was awarded ‘Favourite’ product by www.fairaudio.de for its excellent sonic achievement.

Extract: "The Audiomat Aria is a very musical, detailed and talented amplifier that has ample reserves for most applications, despite the seemingly modest output power of 30W per channel. Moreover, it’s damn nice to look at."

The Aria performs exceptionally well. In fact we think it out performs many pre & power amplifier combinations from other manufacturers at significantly higher prices! You don’t often hear that said about an integrated amplifier at this price point.






Valve Integrated Amplifier 30 W Class A

Opera Ref 12

Reference Valve Integrated Amplifier 30 W Class A

Solfege Ref 20

Reference Valve Integrated Amplifier 45 W Class A





Tempo 2.7

DAC 24b/192khz TOSLINK & USB

Tempo 3

DAC 24b/192khz TOSLINK & USB


DAC 24b/192khz TOSLINK, RCA + XLR & USB option


Ref version of Maestro 3



CD Transport


D1 Drive

Transport for CD – SACD – DVD Audio


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